Make Every Credit Count

Make the most of your credits at PCC while fulfilling the necessary requirements for your bachelor’s degree. Your OSU Student Success Coordinator will help map out your degree pathway so you can make the best use of your time at PCC and OSU.

Your Student Success Coordinator can help you with: 

  • The different OSU programs, locations, and degrees available
  • What it means to be dual-enrolled at PCC and OSU
  • How to make your credits count toward a bachelor’s degree
  • Long-term degree planning and what’s required for your bachelor’s degree
  • Where you can meet other OSU transfer students


Get in touch with your Success Coordinator!


Did you know you can be dual-enrolled as an OSU student while at PCC?

Degree Partnership Program (DPP) is your pathway to completing a university degree more quickly and more affordably. Previously named “Dual Enrollment”, this program allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State University and PCC. This makes it easier than ever to start fulfilling bachelor’s degree requirements early on through Ecampus (OSU’s online program) or at the new Portland Center located in Pioneer Square downtown. 

Be a part of Beaver Nation from Day 1 and enjoy the perks of being an OSU student while studying at PCC. Stay up to date on your degree progress using OSU’s online degree tracker, get access to the OSU online library, and take advantage of OSU’s unlimited cloud-based storage system.

Connect with the OSU community early on by participating in monthly social gatherings with PCC-OSU transfer students and benefit from networking opportunities with OSU faculty and students throughout the state.